Book Reviews | A Salesperson Honeymoon | Avinash Kunchurkar


This is a fantastic book by Avinash Kunchurkar. He takes us inside the life of sale person and unlocks the secrets to successful sales methodology.  Since sale is a very emotional process, the salesperson  needs to have their attitude,  strategy and perspective at peak levels to achieve high performance.

This book is divided into 2 parts. It tells us about the sales life of Chris and Joe. Joe who is struggling in his sales career which is miserable affecting his personal life ask for help from his colleague, Chris who is called as ‘The Pre-Eminent salesperson ‘ by the seniors. Then the book proceeds with chris humbly sharing all his sales career secrets and strategies with Joe and introducing the Salesmooncurve to him.

Reading this book is like reading the notes of class topper, which are made in a super simplified manner with proper diagrams, graphs and charts. But the thing is I’m not into sales therefore while reading the book I discussed it with my MBA (marketing) friend about salesmooncurve, gate principle of work, see-saw analogy. She was so impressed with the book and amaze by the idea of salesmooncurve that she asked for the book so that she can read it herself and circulate it among her colleagues. So this book has turn a non reader into a reader. Kudos there!

Cheers to the author for creating salesmooncurve! As they say selling drives the work and the economy and salesmooncurve will help to increase it without bleeding salesperson. Author also gives the reader a ton of good examples, strategies, principle for self improvement, setting goals, positive affirmations,  studying and following lead of successful people, how to separate work life from personal life, author present all this material in the lens of sale process.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to sell in their professional life.

Ratings :4/5

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