Book Review | In the land of lovers: A Punjab Qissa |Sakoon Singh


While reading this book I felt like author has paid her tribute to Punjab, its fertile land, rich culture, long history, suffering, love, hospitality and tradition.
Its a painful, beautiful, horrifying, heartfelt and compelling book about three generations that astounded me from its opening pages through the conclusion.

The book tells us many stories packed into one, covering three generations with primarily focusing on Nanaki, a fiercely sensitive girl with a keen eye for art, who was bought up by her grandparents after the death of her parents in the quaint neighborhood of Chandigarh.
There’s lot happen in the book, like some characters could carry off their own spin off. It astonish me how beautifully author has packed it all in one with a not so regular way of storytelling and this make this book a literary masterpiece.

While reading the book I felt like I have time travelled in Punjab, from the horrifying incidents of Partitions, life after that, the punjab riots, traditional phulkari embroidery culture and the book also takes dig at the drug cartel in punjab. There’s so much in this almost 200 pages book and everything described beautifully. And, the best part of the book is the description, the heavily emotional setting. This book is like a mirror which shows how much Punjab has suffered and how bravely it stands today. The words may have grief in them but there’s also hint of bravery of a shining moment in time when it seemed intergrity, passion and idealism could print forth the revolution. As, we proceed with the book the deep, sorrowful feeling will turn soothing and peaceful. Its like whole turn up and book balance out every emotions. Sounds perfect, Right?.

Beautifully drafted, the style of storytelling in not the regular, what we read usually and I love the storytelling, its refreshing and warm. The way author has stitch so many stories into one is like a literary masterpiece.

After completing this book I was overwhelmed with the feelings that we get after the long holidays and its perfect!
Its a must read!

Ratings : 4/5

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