Book Review | Sugar and Spice | Sonali Punj Singh


True to its title ‘Sugar and Spice’is the book filled with all the flavors of sugar and spice, well more of spice, less of sugar.

This is the story of every next Indian household, a highly educated girl gets arrange to marry a higly educated boy with no dowry, nothing forced, all with the nod of bride and groom. Sounds too perfect for a Indian marriage, right? Well, true to the age old saying ‘women’s are women’s worst enemies’ and that litle extra love Indian moms have for their son, in the name of that patriarchal bargain. Here also mother in law has a constant fear of losing her son to her daughter in law and so she creats conflicts in between them and families. And, tosatisfy her ego, constantly demand of costlier gifts and jewellery, which in her point of view is nothing as she never asked for cash. All these may seem so normal to many of our ears who has faced similar kind of situations but the big question arises when the groom, who’s highly educated and well traveled, also demands for better gifts and jewellery as they never ask for cash and also as it will make his family happy. This book has so much more, which I am trying my best to not reveal as I don’t want to be the spoilsport.

Sugar and spice perfectly mirrors the mordern day indian marriage. Now with education only few things change but the situation is same for the girl and her family. A highly educated family may never rise a hand on their daughter in law but the mental abuse they face everyday is even more worse. They die thousands death everyday.
As they say, women’s are women’s worst enemies, here the girl don’t face any abuse from her husband or other male in laws but by her female in laws. And, this is an actual reality of every next Indian household. Why? Shouldn’t women should stand together in this patriarchal society? Didn’t they all went through the similar situations the new bride is going? Instead of more justifying patriarchal bargain and soothing jealousy or ego, can’t they all just stand together. The book rises more questions like this and important topic with large room of change and discussion.
Apart from this age old dowry discussion, book also give us a important lesson ‘how we shouldn’t let our emotions to overpower our judgements.

The book keeps the reader hook till the end with its engaging storyline. The language is simple and easy going.

All in all, its a interesting book covering an important topic, that will make you want to read the next part as soon as you complete this one.

Ratings : 4/5

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