Book Review | Being Guy | Sandeep Sharma


‘Being guy’ is an attempt at normalizing everyone who are very normal but don’t consider by the society and more importantly accepting oneself and finding love through the unconventional tale. It is for the one who are shunned, who are never accepted into the mainstream society, who make their own path, who learn to laugh on themselves with others.

This is the story of Sahil, a man with feminine characteristics, so always consider different and never fully accepted by others till he finds his own way with the help of his father and baba lotaram and learn how to make his own path, how to find his way in life and this incident change things for Sahil. But, if you’re thinking this is the same old LGBTQ book we read this days, oh man then get ready to blow your mind away. Because this is an unique tale with an totally unexpected climax.

As a reviewer let me warn you, the book is totally different then what the cover shows. Though this the book of acceptance and finding oneself but its a very unconventional tale. This is not the our regular ‘guy’ story but this is the story of ‘being guy’.

It’s a gripping tale with an interesting and unique plot filled with twist that will make reader curious. It’s a tale blended with romance, acceptance and tragedy that will make you think.

Its simple and gripping writing style, crisp and engaging narration its an interesting book with many secrets.

Ratings : 4/5

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