Book Review | Second Chance |Dr Sandeep Jatwa


This is the story of ‘Shekhar Kapoor’ who never had to try hard and always got everything he wished for on platter thanks to his affluent father. Adding to his unkindness he inherits his father’s business, ‘Aerowalk Company’. Getting things too easily in life and in the drunkenness of money and pride he becomes arrogant and ruthless to everyone. Things only gets wrost after the death of his mother. Despite receiving several warning signals from ‘city of justice ‘ he only ignores it and becomes the victim of fate and met with an deadly accident. And, thats where the things change for Shekhar. He found himself in the court if justice where a bookkeeper confront with all his bad and good deeds and all this finally makes hime realize his mistakes in life. But, as they say ‘everyone deserves a second chance to clean up their mistakes’ Shekhar also gets a second chance but will he be the same old Shekhar or will become a good new Shekhar?.

The book was intoxicating and odd book. Its a self help, fictional, thriller book all into one. I had gone into this story thinking it was going to be a self help book but the concept of ‘court of justice’ and ‘bookkeeper’ swept my feet away and get me hook with the book. The concept was executed so well into the story. Not only its thrilling but kept me intrigued the entire time. I seriously appreciate author, how amazingly he has portrayed the court of justice and the various types of hell. Definitely the events in the stories were not necessarily the most realistic, the many of the characters felt real, especially Shekhar. He seems like the every other person not exactly to the extremes but this is the characteristics every other person behave in. Maybe, that’s what the book trying to say, Be kind or start fearing hell.

Its an gripping tale with an interesting plot filled with description that will make readers curious. Its a tale blended with folktake, thrill and a important lesson that will make you think. Simple and gripping writing styles and crisp and engaging narration its an interesting book with a big lesson.

Ratings : 5/5

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