Book Review | Walks through life | Santhosh K. Komaraju

‘Review ‘

‘Walks through Life’ is a rare and unexpected pleasure.

The book tell us 9 splendor stories. Its dazzling and meandering. Brilliant and  indulgent. Sparkling but most importantly every story has same heart. It’s a heart of a human who’s experience different aspects of life and find his own path and self. All these stories have same heart and teach us something yet have their own unique dynamics and flaws. This makes the stories more down to earth rather than unbelievably perfect. That’s what made of like the book so much.
The book tells us story of different aspects of life experiences and typical concerns of human everywhere – love, relationship,  dream, wrong and right doings, career and what not.
This is the book that deep dives into your heart and stays there. What stays with us is how beautifully ‘Walk through life’ captures experience and messiness of life. Its unpredictability and inherent ineptness.  The book is generous, authentic and smart. It made me feel many experiences.

Author creates a lived in world. The stories might be convulated but these are people we could know. Every stories are memorable,  step by step way to cherish ourself and different aspects of life. Yes! There’s grit here, but its tempered with dignity and compassion. The way characters have been crafted by author is gloriously inhumane and uniquely wonderful. In the characters development department author nailed it. Every character is unique,  perfect,  smart and has flaws in its own way.

The book portrays the ordinary ascepts of life in an extraordinary way.

Ratings : 4/5

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