Book Review | Something Went Wrong | Raghav



Inspiring and imaginary in its approach but contemporary in its setting with all the brainchild invention of the scientist gone missing and discovered by young student. All these is sensorially overloaded with thrill, sarcasm, scientist, dream, invention, struggle, ambition, motivation and ofcourse fantasy.

This is the story of a Author Harish who is grappling with writer’s block and wants to be published best selling. The depiction of situation is so real with Harish working as a HR executive and a passion for writing, currently on the way to write third book, he takes his friend  suggestion to write fantasy as Indian author and fantasy are rare combo and writes a book from the strings of his dreams about Dr Anand, a scientist who invented a sunglasses with superpower goes missing while he enroute to a conference  and discovered by the young student and then the thrilling adventure begins.

The book creates perfect illusion on the mind of reader and also simultaneously keeping it subtly real to be believable. It’s sincere and heartfelt but it never gets raw and messy. It’s too neat. Until the final stretch it doesn’t pierce your heart the way subject should. The dialogue and narration seem more like an ensemble  of words rather than boasting with lyricism the author seems to have aimed for.

Though the book is still one worth reading credits to the heft and sort of quite wisdom.

Ratings : 3/5

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