Book Review | I never moved on | Abhilash Anand


‘I never moved on’ is the story of Abhilash and his childhood friend Avantika. They both are preparing for MBBS from different cities. Avantika is a sweet and naive girl who was harrassed by her ex boyfriend and Abhilash helped her in all this, which lead them to fall for each other and with family support they got engaged and moved to Amsterdam to pursue medical degrees. Everything goes like a dream till Avantika diagnosed with some serious illness.

The characters are well developed. One could feel the author’s inspiration while reading the book especially with initial part when Abhilash was preparing for MBBS. It’s every person’s nightmare to be in Abhilash’s position but I feel like he captured as best as possible what it like to be him. There was so many moments where I found myself crying.
Unlike lot of romance book the side characters are also well developed. Friends and family are portrayed in realistic and entertaining way. I especially love Abhilash and his friends dynamic.

The narrative style is quite lousy and with poor language command and bad editing makes it difficult to be engaged with the book but as the story unfolds the book somehow do justice to the title but not completely.

Apart from this, it’s an honest raw look at long road of love and longing after losing a part of your heart.

Ratings :- 3/5

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