Book Review | Made for Two | Pooja Purohit Bhatt


We have grown up watching perfect love stories, boy meet girl, they fall in fall and bang. But, this isn’t really the case of real life. As they say, “There is no simple love stories. If its simple, its not love. If its love, it’ll get complicated”.

‘Made for two’ is the book which perfectly depicts the imperfection of a modern day love story or should I say different shades of love. The book redefined the meaning of love and fearlessness comes with it for our urban audience.
This is the story of Aisha, Aditya, Kabir and Ruhi. Aisha and Kabir love story is crippled with Aisha being committed with Aditya,  who she used to this is her prince charming and Kabir, who fool himself in believing to be in love with Ruhi. This complication leads to Aisha ruining her life and isolating herself with everyone for years, still being madly in love with Kabir. Will her misery come to end and will she get her happy ending with Kabir?

If I have to describe this book in few words I’ll say, its ‘Kabhi Alvida naa Kehna meets Devdas but here alcohol is replaced with isolation’. Both are the masterpiece. Sounds interesting, right!
I love the storyline but it’s quite predictable and narration isn’t engaging enough. The language is simple but it’s the narrative style where the book disappoint, the dialogue seems to be missing in lyricism that storyline deserve.

Nevertheless, its sincere and heartfelt!

Ratings : 3.5/5

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