Book Review | Yours Truly | Anandarupa Chakrabarti


Reading ‘Yours Truly ‘ is like talking with that long lost friend who once was a integral part of your life, your shoulder to lean on, to whom you can share your deepest sorrow and desires. Friend who will guide you faithfully through different ascepts of life like love, friendship, random thinking, struggles, science, spirituality, karma, subconsciousness and will fill you with happiness and teach you how to live in the small moments and inspires you to be more humble.

The book is the collection of poems on different ascepts of life and different spheres of mental thinking. In this book author creates the cocktails of small moments of life and random thinking and celebrates its with sheer honesty and compassion. The book is the bottle of emotions and with each poem you will feel a different one. This is the poetry that will sooth you, inspires you and make you more humble. Each poem is subtle and lighthearted with author tells with a light touch and lots of heart. The poems are direct, simple, easy to grasp and full of passion. There is underlying layers and raw thoughts and emotions beneath these words that have me wanting to savour it, reread it. Writing is simple, straightforward and well etched.

Apart from one or two printing mistakes, the book is warm and fuzzy and leaves you with a big smile on your face.

Ratings : 4/5

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