From fashion designer to published author, journey of Harshita Gangwani.

From being a fashion designer to the published author, Harshita did many things in her life. Either be its a 9-5 corporate job, event designing or a digital marketing. Among this all she sure is one thing, a creative person, who also have a blog on Instagram under the name ‘letters to life’ which is her way of writing letters to life and thanking life. Its like having her gratitude journal which she wants to do forever.

With her newly published book, ‘Between the star’ she is ready to make her mark on the world of writing. Interestingly, Harshita never thought about being a published author. This is something which has never crossed her mind. It was always the words that comforted her and she had comforted other people’s with her words, trying to reach out to them, being there for them with her soothing words. And, her love for words and finding comfort in the pages which made her published author.

She has started her this amazing journey by writing two stories. She has started ‘Between the stars’ three years back but somehow couldn’t complete it. Thanks to the pandemic, she finally finished it and we all have our own copy of ‘Between the stars’.

When we aksed her, how she come up with the book title, she simply replied, she and stars have a long connection and believes in star and love star gazing, this brings her the great peace.

Coming from a very supportive family who has celebrated her book like a festival she has taken just a tint of inspiration from people around her for her book characters. Being a lighthearted reader, her first reader is her amazing friend ‘Dhavani Desai’, who Harshita proudly calls her inspiration and biggest catalyst to complete the book and her biggest critic is her other but also amazing friend ‘Anuj Ajmani’.

When I came across Harshita’s Instagram blog ‘Letters to life’, I instantly hit the follow and couldn’t stop till I read all her letters to life. I’m leaving the link for you all to found comfort in her words.

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