Author Interview | Abhilash Anand | I never moved on

A medical drop out turn author, Abhilash life was a real up and down which he has described in his book ‘I never moved on’.

I never moved on is a real heartfelt book which will leave readers in tears. In this interview Abhilash has answered our questions which will allow the readers to know him more better.

1) When did you first start writing? And, how did you go about starting your first novel?
A]. When did I start writing, It’s long heretofore actually When Avantika was Diagnosed with the illness, she constantly asked me to write about our journey as she was too much into novels and as she asked me to do so, I started capturing every left crusade of her into a Diary And here I am now!

2) You are a medical dropout. What made you do that?
A]. Yeah, Indeed I am a medical dropout but thing are not like that, I mean I wanted to complete the course and after Avantika, I was trying the same, but Destiny had some other plans for me, I guess. I tried living in Amsterdam but each and everything over there reminds me of her and which causes trauma. So I decided to move out of Amsterdam and moved to Russia for some time and hence landed back to India.

3) Is ‘I never moved on’ your own journey?
A]. Yeah completely, I Never Moved on, is a true and factual journey of the people’s included in the novel. None of the characters is unreal.

4) What you love most in life? 
A]. There’s nothing like that what I love the most or primarily, as according to me, because Every soul or call an individual to have their Aura and everyone needs to be loved and taken care, It’s completely my view on this. Well, people do love their family or their loved ones moreover others, but there’s no such element in me, All people are equal to me whether he/she is my family, friends or completely unknown person. I want to add one more thing on this the day my book released, I was going through another tragedy of my life “as I lost my Father too”  in August just a day before my birthday and I too don’t have a mother which I had mentioned in the novel.

5) Can you describe your typical working day? Has this changed markedly since your book published?
A]. Frankly speaking nothing had changed after my book Published. I am not an Influencer or a celebrity or the best selling author, I am just a normal human being like you and others, no such special thing happened to me after the book got published, I have a long way to go. I haven’t attended any seminars or live sessions because that’s not my kind. I had written a journey of mine and the people who were with me at a crucial time. And I am currently drafting the second phase of I never moved on.

6) Have you did any special research before writing the book?
A]. No, I didn’t. I didn’t do any analysis before writing this book. I just had the memories, which I poured in the book. I had no idea how to publish it or have any links to the publishing industry, I didn’t even know what’s traditional publishing and paid publishing, I googled it and found the ways to get published. Many publishing houses rejected me in the first place then I decided to go for paid publication.

7) Have you ever regret dropping out of medical college?
A]. Nay! I had thought over that decision over a long period but Couldn’t find any better to keep myself alive, At a point of time I was a full-blown alcoholic and the same time I was into severe depression but moving out from there and channelising the overthinking of mine into writing. Tons of things I discovered about life after Avantika was gone.

8) How have your family,  friends and colleagues responded when your book came out?
A]. Family and friends were just normal, no such extraordinary response from them. 

9) Who’s your first reader? And, who’s your biggest critic?
A]. The first reader was Natalia Novikova, she was our flatmate in Amsterdam and close friend of mine.

10) Before goodbye, any final parting words of advice for the budding authors?
A]. As I spoke before I am not an expert on this, but the word of advice I would quote is the words of Neil Gaiman( best selling International Author) and the words are Drafting your story is driving in mist/fog with one headlight, the more you progress, the things will become clear!

Thank you, Abhilash for answering every question with such a sheer honesty. We wish you everything best in the future!

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