Book Review | That’s true I love her | Priyanka M. A. Singh


‘That’s true I love her’ opens on such a homogeneous generic notes admist the girl name Ammara who breaks up with her boyfriend (which I find both are at equal faults) goes on a trip to Thailand with her parents and falls for a tour guide name Bam, that one can never guess the unlikely direction its headed in if not for the rainbow symbol of pride love on the book cover.

This book is the portrait of human frailty. It’s about our flaws, our wounds, our losses, our resentment and our regrets. Its about the pain we inflict on each other slight big and small and its about the ties that bind and the love that endures. The love which ultimately allows us to do both forgive ourselves and find redemption in our relationship.
The book start with Ammara who breaks up with her boyfriend and goes on a trip to Thailand with her parents. Author gives us the busload of description on Thailand through the point of traveller which seems quite out of the box from the genre. On her trip Ammara falls for a tour guide name Bam who was later reveal to Amara is actually a girl. And, this doesn’t change the feelings Ammara has develop for Bam. Only it gets strengthen.

The narrative seems random and repetitive but stay with these people in the second half as Ammara struggles for her love and author takes a dig at religion rivalry and the drama develops heft and becomes genuinely moving but author doesn’t change her understated style of storytelling.
The story track of Indian parents coming to terms with the sexuality and the suppressed emotions of their daughter is touching. Though a bit predictable the book puts forth a progressive and important conversation around personal feeling and true liberating nature of love.

The writing isn’t top grade but the book has all the heart in the right place and sometimes that’s what really matters.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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