Book Review | The Art of letting go | Sanhita Baruah


‘The art of letting go’ is the achingly lovely book. It has sweetness and sadness. Resentment and satisfaction. The book is the portrait of human frality, emotions and ofcourse the art of letting go of things and being at peace.

This is a beautiful collection of 50 poems, divided into three themes of Hope, Closure and Love. This is the poetry of descent that will shift something inside you. It will sooth you. Author makes you feel every bit of emotions in each poem. The words may have grief in them but it never gets grim. The book will reminds you of your sorrows but it will also fills you with the peace. It’s like whole turn up of the feelings and balancing out every emotions. Sounds perfect, Right!

It’s a sweet, sanitized and somewhat simplistic book that author has wrote with light touch and lots if heart. Writing is simple, straightforward and well etched.
If you love to read poetry go for it. I can assure, you won’t be disappointed.

Ratings : 4/5

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