Author’s Interview | Avinash Meshram | I don’t need reasons, I need you!

Avinash Meshram is an Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger and a Booktuber. He is Author of his debut novel, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You! He writes two blogs, Shades of life and My Journey as an Author on his website. He also has a YouTube Channel named, Books Da Adda.

In this interview Avinash has shared with us his journey, writing rituals and about his debut book.

1) When did you first start writing? And, how did you go about starting your first novel?

I started writing when I was 12. I was in 8th standard. Saw a friend write a poem and thought, ‘I too should try it!’. And it started. In 9th class, I wrote my first novel. But all that was just as a hobby. Professionally, my novel, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You! Is my first published novel.
As I just said, I have been interested in writing since a very young age. But could never gather the confidence of seeing myself as a published Author. Then last year, I thought, it is now or never. And it is better to fail than never try. Thus, I started writing and published, I Don’t Need Reasons. I Need You!

2) I read somewhere that you’re a passionate reader. Tell us more about your reading journey.

Yes, I am. I am reading since I was 10!
The first book I read was Mahabharata. Second was Ramayana. Third was a romance novel, Sushma. Then I started reading historical books, biographies. Then I moved to Hindi thriller novels. I don’t know if you know about it or not, but there was a time when small books were available on bus stops and railway stations. They costed around 20/- per book. Paper quality was bad. But stories were good. I used to read those thriller novels. Then I moved to romance fiction. I have read in Marathi, Hindi and English languages. And I have read from Munshi Premchand to Paulo Coelho.

3) Which is the book that mould you as a writer?

Five Point Someone.
Then main reason that I never thought of myself as an author because, my language was simple and all the books that I had read were written in a classy language. But after reading Five Point Someone, I realised that storytelling is more important that the language you are telling it into!

4) Being an Entrepreneur how did you find time to write?

I didn’t find time for 20 years! And then I decided, no matter what, I have to write for at least one hour a day. I wrote the novel in my mobile phone whenever I got time. (even if it was of 10 minutes). Then I edited one chapter each day, in my laptop, before going to bed, however long it took to sleep. I made it a rule!

5) Can you describe your typical working day? Has this changed markedly since your book published?

Before the pandemic. I used to get up at 12 noon. Get fresh. Go to office. Be in my office till 8pm. Come back by 9pm. Spend time with my daughter till 11pm. Then do writing work till 2am. Then watch a movie, TV series or read something till 5 am. And then sleep. Since, I am a new author as this is my first novel, things have not changed much. But I believe, they are going to change soon since I am taking more interest in writing and creative field. I have just finished final editing of my second Novel, LOVE QUADRANGLE. Which will be in the market in January 2021. I have started doing other things as well. Like, I have started a blog in my website. where I write about different shades of life. I write on more blog in the same website where I write about my journey as an author. And I also write about different books that I read, in there. I have also started a YouTube channel named, Books Da Adda. I am soon going to register my own publishing company. I also respond to people who contact me to take guidance about writing or publishing a book. In short, new things are adding in life after publishing my first novel. So, my routine will definitely change.

6) Have you did any special research before writing the book?

Yes, I did. I wanted my readers to connect to the characters. So there is a reason behind choosing their personality, their college, their cities, their ideologies. Everything! I can’t explain in detail here as it would give spoilers. But if you don’t mind getting some spoilers then you can check out my video, how to write a book. On my YouTube channel. There I have explained everything about my research.

7) Are your book characters based on people you know? Are there any strong influences? Or it’s an entirely fictional thing?

I believe that even though I write a fiction. My readers should be able to connect to the characters I write. So, my characters are always inspired by the people I know. But I won’t take the names. Smiley.

8) How have your family, friends and colleagues responded when your book came out?

They were happy to know that they are friends with an author. People do see an author with respect. I have observed that after publishing my own book. Smiley.

9) Who’s your first reader? And, who’s your biggest critic?

My wife and my wife. She usually doesn’t like what I write. So if she says it is good. Then it must be good!

10) Before goodbye, any final parting words of advice for the budding authors?

Don’t stop writing. And don’t just write as a hobby if you want to publish your work. Play two roles. One, as an author when you are writing. Two, as a reader, when you are reading what you wrote. If you can’t impress yourself then you cannot impress anyone else. Be self-critic and keep on updating your writing. And yes, never forget to do research before writing. And keep logic alive in the book that you write. If you ever feel like to ask more, then feel free to contact me.

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