Book Review | Manu | Darshan Desale


Oh my God! What did I just read? Me, who love everything about mythology, is entertain to every pore and was at the edge of my seat for most part while reading the book.
This is the story of boy next door, Manu who loves reading and knowing about mythology and ancient history. He is greatly smitten by mythological stories and characters that wishes to learn more about it. One day miraculously one of the characters from Mahabharat appeares in front of him and takes him to the city of Kalki, the last avatar of Lord Vishnu. And, that’s when the book takes turn and we get to read a epic stories of many great mythological characters. Author has even explored many lesser known mythological characters like Ashvathama.

‘Manu’ is one of those books which while reading you forget you are reading and you found yourself at the place where you are witnessing everything with your own eyes. I have no idea how author have come with this great storyline, he deserves many claps for it. I don’t know how this book didn’t get many audiences till now, it deserves a big success. Though the second half does feel like a khichdi the narrative become more convoluted than inventive and dialogues are mere assemble of words but the climatic twist might leave you asking for more but having said that I was at the edge of my seat for most part and every pore of my bit is thoroughly entertained.

Ratings : 4/5

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