Book Review | Mariner’s Compass | Samyuktha Nair


This is the story of simple, introvert, bright coorgi girl, Nayana who had a unstable childhood due to her abusive father, parents divorced and getting bullied by fellow classmates in schools. Nayana who loves to read works at the publication house in Kochi and due to her work she gets to know Lieutenant Abhimanyu and they fall for each other. Everything goes bright till Abhimanyu ships get caught in deathly strom and Nayana lost contact with him.

This one is short, quick and easy read. The language is simple, lucid and page turner. But the heart of the book is the storyline. I love Nayana and Abhimanyu story and how great they are described by the author but their chemistry is given very little space in the book. Nayana’s mother and her boyfriend Mr khan are given exact space or more space than Nayana and Abhimanyu. Narration is crisp and engaging with an interesting plot. I wonder how author has stitch this great story into few pages. She did a great job there.

In the end the book drops the hint of second part and if that’s happen and I’m so damn wishing it to be happen and the second part has got it’s first reader already.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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