Author Interview | Saba Fathima | Little notes to you

A very humble person, who patiently waited for me till I get my every answers for this interview with a smile on her face. She is one of that kind of person who everybody will love to be friends with. Her book of poetry has recently published to sooth us, teach us, motivate us and most importantly accompany us. Get to know her more through this interview.

1) Tell is something about yourself, profession, jobs, hobbies etc.

~I have always been a person with extra kind of an energy when asked to explore, talk and write. Writing has always kept me lively even if it’s a bad day or a breaking moment, the minute I take my book and a pen things start to fall in place. I am a student pursuing my Masters in Clinical Nutrition, an entrepreneur running her skincare brand and a trainer, amidst all of this I started writing three years ago and this journey has made me grow and understand my niche, I feel immense happiness to having published two books. I love to explore new things and that is how I end up learning an additional skill.

2) How did you get into writing? Were you always a writer?

~ I started writing 3years back out of mere boredom when I felt my focus level was out of what the speaker was talking in a seminar held at my college. Though what I wrote at the beginning was only venting out emotions, writing felt like a therapy for me it was like an escapism from the world that felt cruel. Later on I learnt more about content writing, poetry and creative writing only after that I took up writing as a passion where I discovered another side of me.

3) This is your second book. Tell us something about your first book? How did you come up with it?

~My first book is filled with all the quotes that I have written over the years. It is a
compassionate book filled with more of hope and all the life elements like success, failure, love, opportunities, optimism, chances, heartbreak and more. I am a person who always believes in positive energy and loves to motivate others and that is why I suppose I have a crowd of people approaching me for advices. It is a compilation of all the little quotes that I have been penning down over the years.

4) How have your family,  friends and colleagues responded when your book came out?

~My phone was literally flooded with messages when I uploaded the cover image of my book. My family has been very supportive from the starting of my journey, they have always promoted my skills. I have got immense love and praise from my little happy circle.

5)What was your first read? And, who’s your biggest critic?

~ My first read was Durjoy Datta’s book world’s best boyfriend, I read the book with so much interest and later on I picked up pace and became an avid reader and still trying to read more of the international authors. My friends have been my critic as they would read each of my written piece and rate my write-up by giving scores, there were times when I would have writer’s block and they would give me a topic or prompt to write on.

6)Do you always wanted to be a writer? (And, was there a particular moment you thought ‘I can do this!’?)

~ I wanted to take up literature as my subject but couldn’t due to a lot of influence from outside people and so had to take up paramedical course but I decided to do it side by side and I managed to make time for writing, sometimes I would just dedicate half the
night for penning down because it gave me peace and discover my lost and tired soul.

7) Who’s your favourite author?

~I feel I find more home like feeling in khaleid hosseini’s books as he is a versatile author and his work has been credited to be a masterpiece.

8)Do negative reviews affect you?

~ Negative reviews have never affected me and have never stopped me from doing what I have always done. I have always appreciated and taken constructive feedback seriously as I believe there is always scope of improvement and growth.

9) Being a poetess, do you have a muse?

~My special spot for writing that is my chair and the table with a little maintained peace has worked always and I believe that is my muse, as I feel relaxed in my comfortable space and this helps me work more peacefully and the environment helps me write better and create beautiful art

10) What’s your poems are about?

~All of my poems contain touches of love, hope, heartbreak, despair. I love to promote hope and that is how my poems consist of endings with hope. My poems cover topics likeyesterday’s happiness, never precise, the cabinet of stars, the promising dance, how about a view, hold onto, tossed up fashion, empty bucket of loneliness, scary clock, the plain book of darkness, question of loyalty, despair, and more. One of the poems ‘the lost birth giver’ is a special one written in memory of my late grandmother who left us a few
months ago.

11) Any final parting words?

~So my final words would be for all the people reading this right now, I would like to say that dreams take time but they do come true only when we have a strong will to fulfill them so work hard for whatever you dream to become. Do give my book ‘little notes to you’ a read I am sure you would love it.

Thank you so much ‘Saba Fathima’ for such lovely answers. I wish you everything best for the future.

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