Author Interview | Priyanka M.A. Singh | That’s true I love her

A modern day girl with the values deep as the roots that’s how I’ll describe Priyanka. An engineering graduate, lawyer by profession and writer by passion, Priyanka knows how to stand for herself and bring the change in the world. Writing about the LGBTQ love story in her book in this judgemental world, this small town girl from Madhya Pradesh has shown the world she is here to not only survive but to win.

Priyanka and me while this conversations for interview talked more in the personal tone than professional, perks of currently living in same city, Indore.

Here’s the insight for you all,

1) Tell something about yourself, profession, job, hobbies etc.

Priyanka- Hey, I am Priyanka M. A Singh. I am basically from a small city of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar but now resides in Indore. I am an advocate by profession and my hobbies are just like any other Indori; Travelling, Eating. I love spending my time in between my books whether they are academic or novels. And when I am away from them, my three families members; Aura- Kuku & Honey never leave me alone.

2) How did you get into writing? Were you always wanted to become a writer?

Priyanka- Actually, I never wanted to become an author. Even in school time I write but those were just poems. Nothing much. But when I was doing my first graduation, I guess I took that first step towards becoming an author.

3) How did you go about starting your debut novel, That’s True I Love
Her? Did you do any special research before writing your debut book?

Priyanka- Like I said before, when I was doing my first graduationthat time I decided to write something different. Un-ordinary story only happens when a person thinks out of the box. I wanted to think like that. About special research, I remembered when I was leaving for Thailand, my friend Mrs. Arpita Joshi shared her poem with me
through mail which was about her husband. After reading the poem, I had one thought in my mind, what happened if one of my character is not Indian and a tom. And an Indian girl will fell in love with this tom. Around this thought, I try to portrait Bam’s character. And came up with this story, That’s True I Love Her.

4) Are your book characters based on people you know? Are there any strong influence? Or it’s an entirely fictional?

Priyanka- Frankly speaking, I never met such kind of characters in my entire life. So, the entire characters are fictional. Because the ‘society’ where we live will never allow such characters to take a

5) How have your family, friends and colleagues responded when your book came out?

Priyanka- Actually it was very much funny when I first told this news to my family. My younger siblings were very much happy.
They always had their trust in me, whether I wanted to become an Engineer or an Advocate or an Author. But for my parents it was new especially for my Father. He used to found me with any fiction
book but he never knew that his daughter is going to write something. But yes, I always had my mother’s back. In spite of
having busy duty schedule she always supports me whether it was
related to my own field or writing.And about friends and colleagues, they are always supportive. Atleast some of them and I am thankful to them.

6) Whose is your first reader? And who’s your biggest critic?

Priyanka- My first reader was Viraj. Viraj J. Mahajan. And fortunately, he is the first critic as well. He told me, ‘Didi, you
should work on this scene more and don’t make over reaction on another scene’. Actually he is also an author. He wrote Derivation of Life. His experience helped me a lot. Then my editor, Varsha Naik Ma’am. She also helped me through
her small- small notes about the flow of the story.

7) Do you always wanted to be a writer? (And was there a particular moment you thought ‘I can do this!”?

Priyanka- Like I said before, when I was in school I used to write poems but the moment was came after the verdict on sec. 377 of IPC. I was working on a story and it was very simple but Sep. 6th
2018 was the date when I decide to make the changes on which I started planning from my trip of Thailand. And rest is the history 

8) Have you ever been to Thailand? Because the way you have describe it in the book is marvellous?

Priyanka- Of course, I visits this beautiful country of the world not just of the Asia. Actually, after a long time my mother gets a free time from her job. So my family was making a plan to visit a place whether it’s out of Madhya Pradesh or India. That time we decided to visit Thailand. I am glad that readers are more appreciating Thailand’s journey.

9) Any final parting words?

Priyanka- To everyone out there, what should I say. I don’t think I am at such place to ask them anything or to say anything. But still if I get a chance to say, then I must say that, I don’t ask anything more from you expect an equal perspectives towards everyone.
For you they can be abnormal but for them you can be abnormal. So, let’s look at everyone with equal perception.
And last but not the least; Thank you Aditi Ma’am, for conducting beautiful interview. It was pleasure to work with you.

Thank you Priyanka for your time. I wish you everything best in the future.

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