Book Review | Rose’s Aren’t Red | Bishal Bora (Fallenstar)


‘Roses aren’t Red’ is a sweet soaring love story that covers its inconsistent storytelling with earnestness and heart.
The book is many soft spots but in the end you will have a smile on your face because above all the book is the celebration of true meaning of love.
Debut author tells us, it’s not always necessary for the ones you love to love you back and if you love someone their happiness matters more than yours.

There’s not much to say without spoiling it because the synopsis provides all the info you need going into it.
The only thing I’ll mention is that if you’re looking for something really angsty, love triangle, unrequited love type of thing (which is how it comes across in the description) this is not really it. 

This story will blow your mind. It’s every lover nightmare to be in Karan’s position but I feel like author has captured as best as possible what it like to be in Karan’s position. There are so many moments where I found myself frustrated while reading the book and imaging Karan and Flora position.
In the starting Karan was my favorite then as book proceed I feel myself more connected to Flora.

Author did a great job in showcasing the true meaning of love and manages to keep all the ball in the air in first half of book as there too much set up and not enough reveal. The fact that its brings a still niche subject like homosexuality is one of its strength. The narrative style is quite lousy and with many swear words but as the story unfolds the book somehow do the justice to the title but not completely.

Apart from this, it’s an honest raw look at the long road of love and longing.

Ratings : 3.75/5

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