Book Review | The Art of healing : notes for life | Sanhita Baruah


Beautifully drafted poems and notes by Sanhita Baruah in three chapters i.e. awareness, acceptance and allowance are powerful enough to bring smile on your face and soothe your heart.

This is my second book by Sanhita and this one is the third book in ‘The art of’ series. Unlike my previous read by Sanhita, in which the words have grief in them this one will teach us how to heal that grief. This one is full of positivity and hope. This makes the ‘The art of healing: Notes for life’ an important book for many reasons. The biggest being the letting go of what didn’t work for you and embrace what did with an open heart.

This isn’t a traditional poetry with rhyme and rythm. It’s a modern poetry with modern elements for the modern structured with the past and ages old emotions. The writing may not be literary enough but as I said it’s a modern day poetry.

After reading two books by Sanhita Baruah, I can’t wait to see what else author has in store! I know I can read her work ever and over again.

Ratings : 4/5

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