Book Review | Courting Happiness | Arun Malik


Reading ‘Courting Happiness ‘ is like taking advice from your mentor who only wants best for you, to whom you can go anytime, for anything. Mentor who will guide you faithfully through every ascept of your life. Who will slay all your negative thoughts, your lethargy and only motivate you to the path of happiness.

Written by an NIT graduate and IRMA post graduate, Arun Malik who is a well known motivator. This book is guide to every question and boredom which pulls you back from the path of happiness and success.
Each quote is the book is subtle and lighthearted which author tells with a light touch and lots of heart. Quotes are direct, simple, easy to grasp and full of passion.

This is the book which is not only meant to be read but which is meant to be loved and raved about. I strongly recommend this book to everyone, which will not only pierce your heart but will guide you in best possible way.

Ratings : 5/5

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