Book Review | Tales of unearthly encounters | Deep Naskar


The blurb alone gave me shiver down my spine and amazingly all the stories didn’t disappoint as well.

As the blurb describes this are the short stories with an attempt to bond cosmic horror with psychological horror are both hair raising and chilling read. The stories in the book is extremely engaging and will keep the reader hook till the end.
The book upend traditional ideas of what constitutes evil and what is scary. Each story bring not so ghostly but unearthly characters to keep you on toes. It’s more supernatural than full blown horror and with evil trees, monster under bed author also maintain the standard theme of Indian horror along with paranormal horror but what disappoint is that book didn’t effectively builds up an atmosphere of dread. It’s too fast paced to build the basics for the reader. Too soon, my stories and book was over.

In the time and age of tasteless and mindless horror TV shows and movies and recycling already recycled evenmore diluted down version of horror, this is the classic example of what horror should be like. The language is simple and easy going but I believe it had required that strong tonality as per the genre.

But, I must say, I end this book with these images swirling in my head.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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