Book Review | My friend is a sociopath | Saheb Sardar


‘My friend is a Sociopath’ is the collection of two short stories with each one unique in its way yet interconnected. Both the stories are delicious, twisted and witty thriller.

In both the stories, a man who has a brain of Sherlock solves two different murder mystery. Since the beginning of the book I was too engaged with intelligence of Avhi Sarkar, a bit of a dysfunctional yet clever young man who has all the qualities of detective. It’s the Avhi character which is the heart of the book and keep you going even when the plot gets overwrought and confusing. The storyline seems more like something which is written in hurry to finish the book. Author talks more about the evidences than the mysteries due to which the base of the stories seems undercooked.

This is the fast paced read with a unique plot fill with twist and turns which will make reader’s curious. Also, the title of the story has too many secrets in it too. Read the book to find out.

Apart from few grammatical errors and editing mistakes this is an interesting read with many secrets.

Ratings : 3/5

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