Book Review | Marrying Happiness | Arun Malik


Sequel to worldwide bestseller ‘Courting Happiness’ this book is absolutely stunning collection of words which made me look in the mirror, getting myself together, feeling motivated to face any difficulties in life.

The delightful thing about these quotes is that they go straight to the heart, to the brain and can leave you shocked. You do not need to spend time analyzing ambiguity for a deeper meaning, the meaning is there on the face value.

Author Arun Malik not only guide us but also prepare us for tougher times and bitter moments and how sweetness can be found within each one. I have also looked at the other work by the author and it is brilliant. Especially when he garnered attention for bringing change in the lives of his reader for which he earned the title of ‘Master Motivator’.

His work is remarkable and I definitely need to read more quotes like this.

Ratings : 5/5

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