Book Review | Will She Be His Home? | Poetic Colors


Truly, love has no age bar.

This is an emotionally charged story. It’s a story of a young boy name Jai, who has a troubled childhood and with a lack of motherly figure in his life he is filled with loneliness. Within few pages the story takes a interesting turn when 11 year old Jai found himself attracted to 28 year old south Indian girl Urvi. He starts following her. He’s fascinated with everything about her. This is the part of the story, which i found little uncomfortable to read. But, not every story is written for every reader.

As the story proceed Jai becomes more mature but his feelings for Urvi is still same or even strengthens. The story may be little uncomfortable for few people but I must mention give it time it will make you feel comfortable. Also, the book is very different from the regular romance book. Here’s the attraction between the protagonists will make you feel uncomfortable but you won’t be able to put it down as deep down you stand with Jai. It’s an unconventional tale.

It’s an gripping tale with an unique plot which will make readers curious. The writing isn’t top grade but it won’t mattee with tale blended with romance, acceptance, loneliness and tragedy that will make you think.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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