Book Review | Double tap to unlock love: love at first DM | Suyash Birje


As the title appears, “Double tap to unlock love: love at first DM” is a story of social media era millennials and how their romance blooms, courtesy of Instagram.

The plot is centered on a two Instagram age millennials Meera and Gaurav and the good thing is that they behave like the millennials who have a modern age love story but the feeling is iconic. The book works because its get what its like to be in love and also because author doesn’t manipulate reader’s with unnecessary emotions. Albeit the plot isn’t particularly original or inventive but the story moves briskly and has a consistent tone.

Rest amongst lot is the characters. The way author has describe Meera and Gaurav is marvelous. They are vibrant and energetic and natural too. The book is brilliantly written and its fast paced too.

It’s really difficult to get the vibe of a youth book in the right format. This time, it clicks.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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