Book Review | The Gifted words | Manish Kumar


‘The Gifted Words’ is all about hope, life lesson, truth, love and a dash of motivation.

This is the story of Sneha, her father and prince. Sneha’s father who’s soon going to leave the world due to medical condition moves to mumbai to live what was life left ahead of him. He has only one wish to see Sneha healthy with a secure future. Sneha and Prince love each other but is the Prince the right man her father wishes to marry off her daughter?

Unlike lots of romance and drama book the characters and side characters are well developed. Friends and family are portrayed in realistic and entertaining way. I especially love Prince and Sneha’s dynamic. In this book with great resilience, courage and determination author proves’s that any obstacles can be eventually overcome if you work hard. It’s a sweet, sanitized and somewhat simplistic story that author Manish Kumar tells us with light touch and lots of heart.

The book emotional center is the relationship between Sneha and her father. It’s moving and the way author has written is absolutely amazing. Author movingly writes the anguish of a father who is desperate to give a daughter a better life. Author keeps the tone resolutely optimistic and inspirational, yes there is grief but it never gets grim. But despite it’s many strengths the book stumbles because the story is too slim. At some point the story feels stretched. Though the book comes off a slight in places but it does leave you with a great sense of hope.

Ratings : 4/5

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