Book Review | No More No Less | Alisha Nandeshwar


Seriously cute, seriously touching and seriously good. This was such a refreshing read full of so many emotions. I truly enjoyed every single page from background of characters, to the ethnicity, to the heart warming romance, this was a read perfect to get away for a few hours, let go and just be.

Sameer is absolute perfection, yummier than a fluffy waffle. Pari is adorably awesome and flawed, the type of girl that you’d love to pinch her cheeks and run like hell. Together their story is full of enjoyable moments that reminded me how sporadically awesome it was to be in love with someone.

This is the first part of an already incredible series ‘No More No Less’. When Pari and Sameer meets they instantly fall for each other but as they say no love is possible without life’s fair share of struggles. Sameer and Pari also faces the same struggle and their love story goes through many ups and downs. But will they get their happily ever after?

Unlike lots of romance book the side characters are also well developed. Friends and family were portrayed in realistic and entertaining way. I especially love Pari, Avinash and Riya dynamics. Though the storyline is simple the narration is wonderful.

Loved it! Do I recommend it? Umm bloody hell yeah!

Ratings : 4/5

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