Author Interview | Mrityunjay | Memorable Memoir

Mrityunjay hails from Muria, Bihar. From profession, He is an IT Professional. Writing became his passion since he understood the importance of storytelling. He feels that writing is the only treatment to heal few wounds. Writing gives him an immense pleasure. Apart from that he also got acknowledged for his two short films in National Film Festival. Mrityunjay holds the strong desire of fixing the loopholes of this writing industry with help of technology.

1. Why are you a poet?

▶️I think whether it’s poetry or story, the word should hold the interest of readers. That’s why I debut with a narrative poem book. My primary focus was to come with a unique style of storytelling where story is woven into poetry.

2. What process do you go through to write a poem?

▶️The process were quite hard, sometimes rhyming were getting compromised and sometimes story. Maintaining a flow was little bit tougher than writing a story. But, a cup of coffee proved to be a best friend in those times.

3. When and where do you write?

▶️There is no perfect time of writing for me. I write only when I feel that I can do justice with my characters and their eternal moments.
Sometimes, I write in a flight, Hotels and mostly at home.

4. What’s that one thing which is most important to you in your life?

▶️Learning is very important to me.

5. How many, if any, rejections did you get(personal and professional)? What kept you going, in addition to faith in your work?

▶️If I talk about rejections than list will never end up. I have seen many up and downs in both of my personal and professional life. The one thing that keeps me going everytime is my passion for my dreams and the people who believes in me and my dreams.

6.Your book is about heartbreak, have you ever felt heartbreak?

▶️Heartbreak is a part of learning. Almost everyone have to pass through it once. And so I. Heartbreak taught me that nothing is permanent in this world of illusion.

7. Why did you name your book ‘Memorable Memoir ‘?

▶️Story plays an important role in our life. We grow up listening stories. In childhood, our parents narrates fairy tales to us, when we enter into adult phase we start narrating the story of our own experiences. Memorable Memoir is such a sweet and sour blend of memory we make during our college life.

8. What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?

▶️I wanna to be an Entrepreneur.

9. What are your hobbies and passion other than writing?

▶️Filmmaking and working on my business ideas.

10. What does literary success means to you?

▶️For me entering into Bestseller Category is not a literary success. My book were picked by a very few number of people which can be count on the finger tip. But when they give me feedback like that the book reminded them of their past moments than it feels me like a success.

Thank you for your precious time. We wish you everything best for your future

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