Bellavita Hair Growth Shampoo | My hair growth journey

When it comes to hair my mother is big fan of home remedies and kitchen ingredients. She used to take great care of my hair’s but when I moved to hostel I suffered from this huge hair loss and dandruff. No matter which shampoo I tried it won’t suit me and did no benefit to my hair and the harshness of those shampoos destroyed my hair mositure. Then one day my sister told me about Bella Vita’s ayurvedic growth protein conditioning shampoo and how it’s power packed with natural ingredients like black seed oil, apple cider vinegar, brahmi, onions, coffee and neem extracts. It seals the moisture in your hair, keeping them conditioned and preventing hair breakage. Also, it nourishes and strengthens the hair making them less brittle and healthier. Brownie point is it detoxifies scalp from dandruff.

Washing hairs from Bella Vita’s shampoo is like you are washing your hair from honey. It’s that much soft. I have been using this shampoo since long time now and I am feeling like my previous hair texture is back. And, the best part is my mother is relieved and too happy for my hair now.

You can get this product from Amazon and Bellavita’s website.

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