Book Review | Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don’t You


Keerthi Yella’s social message book hilariously tackles subjects that are considered risky and risque for the traditional wholesome world of an Indian culture.

‘Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don’t Tell You’ is a hilarious yet an important book. Author tells us about the secrets of skinny people of always remaining skinny. Through her humor packed writing author give us many lessons like how diet and lifestyle distinguish. Diet is something we do it for short term gain whereas a lifestyle is something you can see yourself doing truly for the rest for your life and that’s where you want to focus your attention. Author also tells us how skinny people have more healthier relationship with food and how they have ‘willpower’ to always stay focus to eat better or to exercise more.

Author get us a hilarious, nicely crafted chapters and illustrations with each chapter. This illustration is something which truly make the book come to life and paint a vivid picture and emotions inside you.

There’s enough to enjoy here and you not only get to know all about skinny people secrets of never putting weight but also about their insecurities and challenges. The book lands with satisfaction and sophistication largely because the writing have that simplicity and cleverness.

Ratings : 4/5

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