Book Review | A Tiny Reason To Live | Shreyan Laha


Looking at the attractive cover while picking this book I had low expectations. Not completely my fault though, Indian authors and science fiction are rare combination, but I love when my prediction about books goes terribly wrong especially and it turns out to be a good book.

‘A Tiny Reason To Live’ is a sci-fi, apocalyptic book. Intelligently and imaginary in its approach but contemporary in its setting with the meterite is going to hit the earth, therefore people starts heading towards Neptune, which is surprisingly like earth and also populated but also has big surprise for people from earth. All these is sensorially overloaded with science, imagination, hope and what not. And it’s all worth it. It creates the perfect illusion in the mind of reader and also simultaneously keeping it subtly real to be believable.

Book offers a new experience to us. It’s ambitious and exciting. Filled with adventure, thrill, hope, imagination and most importantly amazing characters. Sadly it’s also derivative, clumsy and convoluted. The rich vocabulary, easy language and impactful creativity clearly depicts author’s passion. However the storyline is quite predictable and challenges which the protagonist face and manner in which they overcome them aren’t convincing in certain places.

On the whole the book could have been much more considering it’s genre but the attempt is certainly a laudable one.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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