Book Review | You Will Sail Through | Abhishek Bhargava


‘You will Sail Through ‘ instantly intrigued me with it’s aesthetic cover and description. It’s an thought provoking inspirational book and the lessons in the book tore through my analytical mind and burrowed deep into my ultra sensitive soul.

This is the story of a millennial girl Anubha, who tries to commit suicide after being dumped by her boyfriend. Luckily she met author of the book Abhishek who narrates her ‘millennial things’. Author Abhishek Bhargava got a lovely frayed wisdom that we don’t see often. Book bravely tries to lift the stigma around mental health. This is an important conversation to have and you can’t have a better brand ambassador for therapy than author.

Author’s smart, poised and down to earth writing oozes inspiration. Author Abhishek Bhargava not only guide us but also prepare us for tougher times and bitter moments and how sweetness can be found within each one.
Tough and beautiful. Amazing story! I really need to think about this, not sure if I can memorize it all, but while rereading and reading again, the wonderful beauty and meaning does hit you in the heart and it will be forever with you.

This is something to be devoured bit by bit before bed, every night. This is not something to be read each story once but reread it, repeat it, shared it with your friends. It was all so moving and raw, honesty was poured into this pages beautifully. I only have love for this book.

Ratings : 4/5

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