Book Review | The Tiger Gets New Teeth | Amit Bagaria


I don’t know why while reading ‘The Tiger Gets New Teeth’, Bollywood movie ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike was constantly on my mind? So, let me ask you all, how’s the Josh?

Not based on true events was mention in the disclaimer but ironically the characters names are modelled around the real names of political circle. This hardly helps in believing that it’s fiction based work and also something happens around 21st May 2021.
This one is a very short read which you can finish in one sitting. The book is too short to give you little bit insight of the book. But, let me tell you one thing this is political satire and revolves around the two big political parties of country. The book has both authenticity and heft of dramatic possibilities of fiction, it’s tough to write something like this which will quicken your pulse and give you shock but author of ‘The tiger Gets New Teeth’ manages well for sometime. Subtlety is not his strength but in his own heavy handed way author creates a reasonably engaging first half. Ultimately however the second half topples in the thrill and excitement but the climax makes up for it.

The narrative is bit predictable yet satisfying. The writing style is engaging and your Josh will always be high while reading the book.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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