Book Review | Saviour: An Uncommon Tale | Sunny Sinha


Imagine a young ambitious man who moves to new city for better life. Then imagine this same young men met with an nasty accident and gains strange power to see broken dreams, pain and time of death of any person and he serves as their saviour.

That’s ‘Saviour : An Uncommon Tale’, a thriller, a representative of humanity in it’s unmuted, non super state. I could describe many books and movies that in some way also echo ‘Saviour : An Uncommon Tale’. The idea isn’t new and the story is quite predictable and feels rushed. None situation is explained in a full justified form where lead character Arya saves others life.
But the total package feels fresh. From minute Arya got hit by the chemical truck and chemicals enters his bloodstream the book enters a realm of continual delight, though not always surprise. The dialogues has a goofy boldness in them. Other characters, Simi, Raghu and Ishita are sheer delight to read but somehow either they are overshadowed by Arya or they overshadow Arya.

Nevertheless, ‘Saviour: An Uncommon Tale’ is a fun, confident book. It’s fast and tight and playful even when it’s sadist and violent. It’s 142 pages only but feels longer in a good way, because every second is packed tight. It’s full of itself yet it stills keeps winking at you. The book is alive. It’s pops.

Ratings : 3/5

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