Book Review | #SocialLove | Adbhut


#Social Love is a coming of age, slice of life book that feels quite relatable and realistic.
Abeer is not our boy next door. He’s every mother’s dream child. He’s dedicated, concentrated and ambitious. He has his own flaws though but he has proved time and time again he would go to any lengths for his career, love and friendship.
Amu is adorably cute, the type of girl everybody loves and wants to be friend with.
Ayesha is okayish.

The book isn’t as addictive or dramatic.
The book is really on characters growth over time, which some might find boring but it’s so relatable and solid and sometimes is nice not getting emotionally jerked around.
Having a realistic, wholesome romance seems so simple. You won’t find cliche plot twists or evil and petty romantic rival here. Instead the villain are time, distance, change and circumstance of life.

It can be slow and doesn’t have a ton of ups and downs. I didn’t really cry or squee but it’s wholesome and will leave you feeling good.

Ratings : 3/5

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