Book Review | You Are Thee Priority | Devesh Singh

‘Review ‘

The book tells us a journey of self awareness where, ‘You Are Thee Priority’ through inspiring short stories. It’s indulgent, smart and sparkling but most importantly every story teach us something new with same heart. The stories are practical enough to connect with them.
The delightful thing about these stories is that they go straight to the heart, to the brain and can leave you shocked. You don’t need to spend time analyzing ambiguity for a deeper meaning, the meaning is there on face value.

Author Devesh Singh smart, poised and down to earth writing oozes inspiration. Author not only guide us but prepare us for tougher times and bitter moments of life and how sweetness can be found within each one. Tough and beautiful! Amazing stories! I really need to think about this, not sure if I can memorize it all, but with rereading and reading again, the wonderful beauty and meaning does hit you in the heart and it will be forever with you.

This is something to be devoured bit by bit before bed, every night. This is something meant for rereading and sharing with your friends.

Ratings : 4/5

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