Book Review | Strange Events And A Few Short Stories | Madhavi Praveen


‘Strange events and a few short stories’ tell us few stories interwoven into one.

Book opens with humour and normality, throws in macabre twist, suggestion that what is to fear the most is the fear itself, some loose end, and even a bit of moralizing. For the most part, this works. This is not a hardcore horror or sci-fi book. This one is a strange book with strange events that we all have faced in life. And, the fact that the unexpected can catch you off guard is quite fun.

As simplistic as it may sound, the lifeline of the book is the storyline. The main reason for this is the ‘twist’. A ‘twist’ in the plot can be very exciting and can raise the estimation of stories many notches. Especially if the twist is mind boggling and turns the entire story upside down.

This one is the pretty short read which can be finished in one sitting in merely half and hour. And, also this book teach us an lesson that we all have the tendency to judge without knowing other side of the coin and that’s what lead to all the problems.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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