Book Review | Once Upon A Confinement | Abhishek Ram


If I have to say about this book in few words then I’m really glad that author has written this book with perfect title, ‘Once Upon A Confinement ‘. After few months or year this book will serve as a reminder. Something which we will reread in months or year. Something which we will share with our children’s and grandchildren’s about the crazy time of covid lockdown. Also silently wishing may they don’t ever face it.

After some time we will consider this book a fairy tale of covid times. And this fairytale like every other tales have both good and bad things. Reading this poetry book, divided into 50 poems is like going back to the time of lockdown. The poems not only tell us about the covid times but it also teaches us that if hope and love are strong enough, time and situation doesn’t matter. It also pays tribute to our covid heroes in it’s own way.

The writing style is wonderful and it did complete justice to the topic. The poems aren’t something that we haven’t heard before they are like reminder about the time and also how far we have come. The poems are also emotionally loaded enough to fill your heart with great joy and bring that smile on your face while reading it. They are simple yet touching!

Ratings : 4/5

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