Book Review | Brand New Start | Mainak Dhar

‘Review ‘

Reading ‘Brand New Start’ is like talking to a career counselor who from his own experience, journey , perception, thoughts, ideas, belief and decision wishes to help you.

The best thing about this book is, unlike many business/self help books it was written in a conversation manner. This makes it more reliable. Here author has share his own experience also. The book teach us how to invest in the biggest brand – You. The book is written in honest way and with all the examples, bullet points and proper suitable headings it’s like reading a class topper notes.
The book is like guide of career and life. It pushes you, teaches you and directs you to get high.

Easy to read and help reader to understand. Sounds perfect, Right!
Author has stripped everything down to the core basic principle to uprade yourself. I find this book not only great for advice, techniques and analogues stories to motivate you but it also challenge you so that your vision is viable and scalable.

Ratings : 4/5

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