Book Review | Vitamin H | Abhishek Thakkar


‘Vitamin H’ is the most essential vitamin and book in everyone’s life.
It is a soul and mind soothing and healing vitamin and it’s daily dose is essential to be happy, healthy and manifest what you want in life.

This book contains the dose of 111 days of vitamin H in the form of poetic and soul soothing quotes. A quote a day will keep the negativity away.
The quotes are simple and inspiring. All of them aren’t as philosophical as nature. Some of them are very simple yet very real. The one which my mom find most relatable is,

‘And, trust me, a cup of tea is enough to battle against an army of problems’.

I also love how author has emphasize about the importance of reading and a good book in life. It’s inspiring.

‘If you have got good books and finger tea or coffee, it doesn’t matter if you are in hell. You will discover heaven within you’

The writing is simple and flowy. Language is lucid. I have literally mark every next page to read and reread it. Again and again.
I recommend it yo everyone with one quote a day dose.

Ratings : 5/5

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