Book Review | Vitamin H: Volume 2 | Abhishek Thakkar


Beautiful, inspiring, healthy, motivating, essential, heartfelt, divine, blissful, happiness, peace, soothing………….

‘Vitamin H : volume 2′ is like the strengthening dose after the Vitamin H: volume 1’.
Book one will sooth you, heal you, erase all kind of negativity withing you, fill your heart with positive light and book two will strengthen you, help you in going further in life, prepare you for the toughest battle of your life, take you nearer towards your goal and dream, towards the path of self discovery. This both volumes of Vitamin H has the power to transform your life into the extraordinary one.

This book will start from day 112, continuing from where book one ends. Book the volume are written in the manner like doctors prescribe drugs. Here, its one quote a day dose. This book is like written with the poetic sensibility to keep you afloat.
The writing is down to earth and poised and oozes inspiration. The quotes are simple, inspiring and will awakens the warrior inside you.

I recommend this book to be read daily, not only till 263 days where the book ends. Every day even after that. Start over. Read it. Reread it.

Ratings : 5/5

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