Book Review | When the sky and the land meet | Pavan Karthik


‘Intense love story of two dramatically opposite individuals’

This is not a regular fairy tale love story with boy and girl meets, fall in love and they live happily ever after.

This is more of a humanly love story. Here the characters are flawed. They are humans and natural. They make mistakes. We have a calm, kind of shy and composed Vedant and a nice, fun and cute, Sakshi. Their relationship begins when both of them spend time in college but love isn’t that easy. Emotions test you at every turn of life. And, that’s what happens with Sakshi and Vedant.
Their romance have many ups and downs like Sakshi marrys someone else and have a daughter. But, these didn’t affect their relationship, the love only grows bigger and greater.

The story has many strong characters like Aaradhya, Sakshi’s daughter from first marriage. She is the coolest of all and gave us a new perspective that moms are humans too and deserves all kind of happiness. I also love author’s take of mental health and embracing individual’s sexuality.

The language is easy and simple and narration ping pongs between present and past time and also different point of views that’s what didn’t give the building up of single strong point. It feels like everything is going in a fast and furious speed that you might not even stop to question the plausibility of the narrative.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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