Book Review | On a Journey of life | Kajal Rai and Nivedita Karmaran

‘Book Review ‘

After reading ‘On a journey of life’ I want to leave everything else and just want to go on a solo trip and want to meet someone like Arjun and after coming back want to embrace this memories by writing it in letters.

Wanna go on a soothing journey? Pick this book and read the story of Saanchi and Rashi. Both the women will give you new perspective about living life on your own term. Both the story has its own way of storytelling but with same heart. The book is like breather to remind you to live your life and how beautiful this journey is and how many things it has to offer.
The one thing that I absolutely love about this book is positivity. The protagonist in both the story aren’t shown in sad manner to dramatize it. Here they are strong enough to take actions for themselves in life. If I have to do little justice to this book review then, ‘this is a women centric book written by two women for all the women out there to embrace life.

The book is pretty short and can be read in a day. The words are soothing and narration have a poetic sensibility in them. Reading this book is like going on a beautiful journey. The story and the idea isn’t new but the way both the author portrays it is wonderful.

Ratings : 4/5

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