Book Review |Sun In My Soul | Shivaansh Shankar


I absolutely love the book title ‘Sun in my soul’.
I felt that this short piece of work reminded me of inspiring beliefs and thoughts learned over years on this earth. It was very uplifting and motivating, providing strength and refreshment as well as hope in the world that is becoming fast paced and cruel.
This is a poetry book which I can’t categorize into modern and traditional poetry. They have classic and refreshing elements like rhyme and rhythm and also that inbuilt message which allows reader to analyze poem in a better way.

The poems are direct, simple, easy to grasp and full of passion. There are underlying layers and raw thoughts and emotions beneath those words that have me wanting to savour it. Reread it. Annotate the whole book and find my own meaning in it.
The writing is straightforward and well etched but I had a hard time engaging to the poem. And, I also felt it lack that gripping strength which is needed in such kind of poems.

All in all, this is a beautifully drafted poems that will shift something inside you.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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