Author Interview | Shivaansh Shankar | Sun in my soul

I managed to grab a quick word with ‘Shivaansh Shankar’, author of beautiful poetry book, Sun in my soul.

1) The title of the book is really amazing. How did you come up with that?

~ I wrote a poem called “Existence: Thy Holy Grace” in which I have theorised that we live inside of a being called Existence. So, if the universe is a living being, it must have a soul too. What can be the soul of such a humongous being? The sun, for it is the source of life for all of the universe.

2) What does the cover of the book symbolize?

~ I drew it one year back just out of boredom. It’s not the full image. Thought it looked mystical so used it as a cover. It is bright. I like it. Symbolises psychedelic thoughts, I think.

3) Why are you a poet? And, how did it happen?

~ To answer how it happened, I listen to a lot of rock music, grunge, music from the 70s, 80s, 90s. I absolutely hate modern music and pop. The lyrics are absolutely garbage, the same theme of teenage breakup or partying or some agenda. The so called artists do not even write the songs themselves. So, I started by writing songs, as a hobby. Soon, it developed into a more serious form of writing and ultimately, into poetry. I just love how music used to be auditory poetry. I basically wrote things which I would have loved to hear in the form of a song. Not calling myself superior or better than anyone, just what I feel.
Why am I a poet? I don’t know any other way to express myself.

4) What process do you go through to write a poem?

~I don’t really know if there is a process to write. Just write. Imagine a tune or a vocal melody and recite a poem in your head. It will come naturally.

5) ‘Sun In My Soul’ is an inspiring book. What is your motivation for writing more?

~Motivation for writing? Maybe the social and political climate. The world has become too absurd and pretentious. It feels like we are living in a simulation. I just feel out of place in this generation of so called activists and influencers who have started a war of narratives.

6) Did you write the book for yourself, or do you write them with reader’s in mind?

~It is both. Poems are ultimately written by the author with an intent of his own. Any poet who says a poem written by him is not for himself is lying. But yes, the interpretation of the poems, I have left that to the readers so they can interpret it as per their own personal experiences. I don’t want to force my point of view on them. Someone might read this book and think that it is the best thing in the world and some might want to spit on the pages and burn it. Either way, I am fine with both.

7) What is the hardest thing about being an author?

~Finding the right audience.

8) Did you find any change in you or around you after your book published?

~Nope. Just more stressed out about how to actually get my book out there.

9) What does literary success means to you?

~Not being an insta poet posting about depression or relationship quotes and calling it poetry, heh.

10) Lastly, when can readers expect your next book?.

~This year. In a few months. Who knows. Will try to publish one this year. Jai Hind. Jai Mahadev.

Thank you for your precious time. We wish you everything best for your future.

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