Book Review | Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell | Dinesh Sahay


This book is everything positive. This book is really awesome. Whenever you are in pain or distress or want to achieve something this is a nice book to provide you peace of mind.
This kind of books can change your life. It can help you what you really want in life in terms of financial, business, job, health or personal problems.

In this book author tells us about his program, ‘Englighten the lamp of your fortune’. This program helps to achieve one’s dream. Author has wrote this book in a notes manner to help reader to easily understand the program. Each chapter is like a step to learn how to manifest the program. I absolutely love the method to program : affirmation and wish slips.

Can we create what stars can’t foretell? Yes. This book teach us we can create our own faith and destiny. Our destiny is in our very own hands. It depends on our actions and thoughts. This is the book which will show you a path towards your dream. It don’t give you false hope. It just assures you, that you are creator of your own destiny.

This is one of those book that can sit on your bookshelves for years, that you can keep coming back to when you need a boast or want to start your day off in a right way.
Do yourself a favour read this book, follow the program on your own and observe the change in your thinking, speaking and action on ground.

Ratings : 5/5

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