Book Review | Tales of strange incidents, crime and lies | Madhavi Praveen


This is my third book by Madhavi Praveen and alike her previous works this one too is a book of short stories different yet connected.
‘Tales of strange incidents, crimes and lies’ is relatively short, meditation of strange events and crime, you may be surprised to discover its full of life, all of it sharply executed and with a tremendous sense of horror and it also give us important lessons.

The book is full of mystery and crime. The mystery only deepens in the start and as the story picks up the gear the book only gets better. Although the story isn’t too convincing the latter half, you have to admit that the suspense does come as a jolt. But what ensues thereafter isn’t as convincing.
Author pits modern India- educated family believes in myths, disturbing the peace of home.

‘Tales of strange incidents, crime and lies’ is glossy, stylish and well executed but still fails to keep us engage. Here author opts for horror not humour and that may have its share of advocates and adversaries.

Ratings : 4/5

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