Book Review | Raja of Nowhere | Deepak Rosha


This is a pretty short book and I really like the cover, it’s visually appealing.
Book starts with the story of Sudhir, a young boy from Lahore, who gets abducted and after lots of investigations and efforts, cops couldn’t find him. Then, the book moves to Shamim, journalist who’s writing the biography of a big and powerful politician infamously called as ‘Raja’. Both the story are connected but how? And, after the sudden death of Raja, how Shamim will complete the biography? Then, the mysterious letter comes into the scene. Will this letter going to help or going to dig some long hidden sins which will only bring thrill?

Author stitch both the story like a tapestry, it’s clever but little too neat. The book ping pongs between the past and present. In the beginning, I was confused, many things were happening but after few pages the book started to make sense.
Author tries to set up a dramatic storyline but the disappointment seeps in the twist and turns. Not justifying the genre of the book the storyline goes on the straight track no rollercoaster ride to bring your heart in the mouth.

The writing style is smooth and fluent and the narration is crisp and engaging. All in all it’s an interesting book with many secrets.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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